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At Lees Builders we have taken on the job of the removal of an existing old swimming pool and replacing it with a brand new one. The process involves excavating the old swimming pool, creating a new insulated reinforced concrete base with reinforced insulated concrete walls and finishing it off with a swimming pool liner and coping stones around the pool. As you can see in the pictures below it is a fantastic project and we have now fully built up our walls using specialist stepoc blocks. Before adding our blocks we also extended our 10mm rebar vertically by tying it onto the existing rebar so the structure is supported with metal all the way through our walls, we also added our rebar horizontally through every course of blocks to insure maximum reinforcement. Stepoc blocks are hollow and our specially designed to allow concrete to be pumped in them and go in between each block which reinforces the walls so they can take the weight and pressure of the water in the swimming pool. It is a retaining wall system that is laid dry without mortar apart from the first course of blocks. The first course must be laid with mortar ensuring that they are completely level and plumb so when dry bonding the blocks after they stay completely level and plumb. The use of these shuttering blocks allows for immense compressive and lateral strength, which is ideal for a swimming pool because of the weight and pressure of the water.

If you see below you can find more pictures of this job as it progresses and make sure to check back for the next update.

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