Below you can find a selection of stunning and bespoke woodwork pieces and also leadwork pieces for individual in-house projects. These beautiful pieces were all made by hand and made specifically for our clients, showcasing the fantastic workmanship of these pieces. Even though these are unique pieces that are one of a kind we are open to doing more bespoke woodwork and leadwork projects for our clients.

This was made for a client who wanted a bespoke woodstore to store there logs in for there fire pit, this was all made by hand and fitted to the side of the house. The store is made out of reclaimed larch that has been planed down, cut to size and used to create this beautiful wood store and finally topped with a beautiful shingle roof tile. It also has a door fitted to the store for a black bin to fit inside to stop animals getting to it and prevent it from getting wet. We would love to explore and do more projects like this in the future.


Also below you can find a fantastic refurbishment we carried out on an old run down porch. This consisted of repairing the porch from rot and damp to a new condition and adding lead onto the canopy for a bespoke finish.